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Circulation Aids

Circulate the air between floors and rooms with our Cast-Iron Grille, Cast-Iron Louvered Register and Doorway fans. We also carry Comfort Geni and Combustion Air Kits

Ecofans    save money!

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  • Uses the heat of a stove to generate its own electricity
  • Available in gold or nickel blades
  • Fan starts and stops itself

The Ecofan is an ingenious device that uses the heat of a stove to generate its own electricity.  This means no unsightly electric cord and no batteries to change.  Just sit the fan on the top of the stove.

This electircity is the used to drive a DC motor and fan-blade that circulates the warm ari throughout the room.  The fan starts and stops itself as the stove warms on down.  As the stove gets warmer, more electricity is generated and the fan goes faster, boosting stove efficinecy by up to 30 percent.

The Ecofan is available in gold or nickel finish and in models for both wood and gas stoves.

1 year warranty


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 Gold Blades, 125 CFM
 For Wood Stoves 

275083        $ 113.00

  Nickel Blades, 175 CFM
  For Wood Stoves

123903        $ 173.00  

 Nickel Blades, 140 CFM
For Gas Stoves   

1028456        $ 207.00 


Cast-Iron Grille

ci grille.jpgUse this cast-iron grille for circulating warm air between floors or adjoining room where no fan or vent control is needed.
This black, 12" x 14" grille fits a 10" x 12" opening.  It may be used on the "backup side" of a cast-iron louvered register installation. 

Item # 71310 @ $43.95



Cast-Iron Louvered Register

ci register.jpgOur cast-iron louvered register has louvered vents which may be closed if desired.
This black register requires a 10" x 12" opening for installation.  The finished grille is 12" x 14". 

Item # 71300 @ $133.95



Extra-Quiet Circulating Fan

fan quiet.jpgIdeal for mounting in a doorway, it transfers heat quickly to adjoining rooms.  The Extra-Quiet Circulating Fan's Swivel Bracket allows airflow to be directed for ideal heating efficiency and even distribution. 

Great for eliminating "hot spots" near stoves and ceilings. This 5" x 5", 55 cfm fan works great with passive solar heating. It has a 12 ft. cord with an in-line switch.  Hookup is a breeze with no wiring required.

Item # 71925 @ $62.95


Comfort Geni

fan doorway.jpgThe Comfort Geni moves heated air from a fireplace or stove room to the next room, through a wall or floor. The library-quiet fan runs only when the source room reaches a designated temperature. The unit has fan speed settings and fan-heat-cool settings.

Comfort Geni 4x moves 40-100 CFM and fits register openings of 4" x 12", 6" x 10", and 6" x 12". Comfort Geni 6xr moves 115-150 CFM and fits register openings of 6" x 10" and 6" x 12". Both units are almond colored. Plugs into electrical outlet. Paperboard ducts connect the Comfort Geni through a wall or floor to a register on the other side.

For moving air from room-to-room or level-to-level consider using the duct kit.


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 Geni4x 4x10 warm air distributor 

2473605        $ 92.50

  Comfort Geni 4x10 duct kit

2473606        $ 32.00  

 Geni4x 6x10 warm air distributor   

2473607        $ 124.75 

 Comfort Geni 6x10 duct kit   

2473608        $ 32.50 


Combustion Air Kits

fan doorway.jpgThe main reason open fireplaces don't produce much heat is because they use the warm air in the living space to feed the fire and then send it out the chimney. The fireplace has no other air source.

When you install a Combustion Air Kit, cool air is taken from the outside of the living space to feed the fire and heat the living space.


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 Combustion Air Kit
2" x 4"x 8"  

806        $ 50.00

2" x 4"x 8"

807        $ 50.00

 Combustion Air Kit
4 " x 4"x 8"  

808        $ 50.00

4 " x 4"x 8"

809        $ 50.00