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Simpson Dura-Vent DVL Double-Wall Black Stovepipe

hiflex ovaltornd.jpgdvdwdvlgroup.jpg

When you are in tight quarters, here's the stovepipe to reduce clearances. 

This double-wall connector pipe has an inner wall of .012 430-alloy stainless steel and an outer wall of .018 aluminized steel painted black.  It lets you reduce clearances from combustibles to the stovepipe from 18" down to 6" for walls and 8" for ceilings. 

When connecting to DuraVents DuraPlus Chimney or DuraTech Chimney, a Close Clearance Adaptor (shown below) is required for a proper connection.

DVL Double-Wall Black Stovepipe is available in both 6" and 8" diameters.  Outside diameter is 1" larger than inside diameter. 

Connecting pipe sections together is easy with predrilled holes and a pack of screws, included. 

All pipe pieces have a 1" overlap connection, reducing the actual pipe length by 1".  DuraVent's Double-Wall Black Stovepipe has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

It is always recommended you use double-wall stovepipe and factory-built chimney from the same manufacturer. Use with DuraVent Factory built chimneys.

*We will contact you after you order with the exact shipping cost to ship to your area. 
Click here for shipping disclaimer.

DESCRIPTION      6" Diameter
Item #      PRICE
8" Diameter
Item #      PRICE
 Pipe: 6" length   

69102   $43.50 
69162   $ 61.25
 Pipe: 12" length 69104   $ 46.50
69164   $ 70.25
 Pipe: 18" length 69105  $ 55.50 
69165  $ 91.00 
 Pipe: 24" length 69108  $76.75 
69168  $ 98.00 
 Pipe: 48" length 69112 $117.75 
69172   $158.75
45 deg sectioned, nonadjustable 
69120   $ 60.75
69180   $ 86.25
 Elbow: 90 deg 69121   $ 91.00
69181   $123.00
 Stove adaptor
with damper section
69128   $ 56.50
69188   $ 87.00
 Tee with cover 69122   $ 78.50
69182   $ 97.75


Scroll down to view our Close Close Clearance Adaptor, Stove Adaptor, Oval-To-Round Adaptor For Vermont Castings Stoves, Telescoping Lengths of Stovepipe and Adjustable Lengths of Stovepipe needed for some applications.


DVL/DuraBlack Chimney Adaptor with Trim

Slides into the DuraTech or DuraPlus Ceiling supports (it will also slide into the DuraPlus wall thimble).
This product replaces the Close Clearance Adaptor.  

6" Diameter
Item #      PRICE
8" Diameter
Item #      PRICE
114996      $ 50.50
114997      $ 57.50 


Stove Adaptor

dvdwdvlstoveadpt.jpgThis Stove Adaptor connects Dura-Vent's Double-Wall Black Stovepipe to the flue outlet of the appliance. 

The overall height of the adaptor is 4 3/4".  When the male end is properly seated into the flue outlet, 4" of actual connector length will remain.

6" Diameter
Item #      PRICE
8" Diameter
Item #      PRICE
69125      $ 41.25
69185      $ 63.75 


Oval-To-Round Adaptor For Vermont Castings Stoves

dvdwdvlovaltoround.jpgUse to connect 8" Dura-Vent DVL Double-Wall Black Stovepipe to Vermont Castings Stoves with oval flue outlets. 

6 5/8" X 9 1/2" inside diameter.  Overall height is 14 1/2".  Installed height is 13 9/16".

6" Diameter
Item #      PRICE
8" Diameter
Item #      PRICE
Not Available in 6"   69195      $ 97.75 



DVL/DuraBlack Finishing Collar

dvdwdvlfinishing When installing DuraTech with a wall thimble a finishing collar is needed  

6" Diameter
Item #      PRICE
8" Diameter
Item #      PRICE
70638      $ 40.50 
70838      $ 47.00 




  • 430-alloy stainless inner wall, aluminized steel outer wall
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Use with DuraVent factory built chimneys
  • Reduces clearances from 18" to 6" for walls
  • Reduces clearances from 18" to 8" for ceilings
Description 6" - 8"
Item #      PRICE
6" to 8" Increaser 69183      $ 75.25 


Telescoping Lengths

dvdwdvltelescoping.jpgThese Telescoping Lengths of Dura-Vent's Double-Wall Black Stovepipe are great for one piece installations from the stove to Dura-Vent's DuraPlus or DuraTech Chimney using a Close Clearance Adaptor, shown above. 

One adjusts from 29" to 46", the other from 40" to 68".


6" Diameter
Item #      PRICE

8" Diameter
Item #      PRICE

 telescoping,29"-46" 69117      $ 139.50
69177      $ 183.25
 telescoping,40"-68" 69119      $ 185.00
69179      $ 220.75


Adjustable Lengths

dvdwdvladjlengths.jpgUnlike single-wall pipe, double-wall pipe cannot be cut and still provide a proper connection to an ajoining piece of pipe.  When you have an installation that requires an odd length, you can use an adjustable length of double-wall stovepipe, from a telescoping length. 

The shorter length allows adjustment from 2" to 5".  

The longer length gives you 2" to 10" of adjustment. 

Both pieces must have a minimum of 1" overlap with all connecting pipe.


6" Diameter
Item #      PRICE

8" Diameter
Item #      PRICE

 adjustable, 2"-5" 69113      $ 47.50 
69173      $ 67.50
 adjustable, 2"-10"" 69115      $ 57.75
69175      $ 81.50

*We will contact you after you order with the exact shipping cost to ship to your area.  Click here for shipping disclaimer.

Products Authorized for Internet Sales to Consumers and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) non-certified Installers DuraVent has identified products that may be suitable for a non-certified installer who has above average strength, aptitude and skills for doing a complex installation such as an all-fuel chimney system. These product categories are made available to consumers and do-it-yourself installers, including Internet Sales, and will be fully warranted: DuraPlus; PelletVent; PelletVent for multi-fuel; DuraBlack; DVL; and Type B gas vent.

hiflex ovaltornd.jpg

For Stovepipe Installation Item such as Stovepipe & Mantel Shields, Self-drilling Screws, Magnetic Chuck Drivers and Heatsheild Spacers & Anchors see our Installations Extras.