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DuraVent DuraPlus Factory-Built Chimney

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DuraVent's DuraPlus is an all fuel, triple-wall chimney that combines one layer of ceramic refractory blanket insulation and an airspace to keep the outside wall cool.  This also keeps the inside wall hot, boosting efficiency. 

DuraPlus is listed to the UL 103HT Standard and carries an impressive limited lifetime warranty.

DuraPlus is available in 6" and 8" inside diameters.  Outside diameters are approximately 4" larger than inner.  The DuraPlus inner liner is 430-alloy stainless steel with a middle wall of aluminized steel.  24" and 36" chimney lengths are available with either stainless steel or galvanized steel outer walls. 6", 9" and 12" lengths have galvanized steel outer walls. 

DuraPlus components twist-lock securely into place and are stainless steel unless otherwise noted.  When double-wall black stovepipe is needed with DuraPlus use DuraVent DVL.

According to the manufacturer, Dura/Plus performs three very important functions:

  1. It stays cool on the outside to protect the home during normal stove operation.
  2. It stays hot on the inside to discourage the deposit of creosote and provide the correct draft for stove efficiency.
  3. It has a fire safe design that allows the hot metal to flex and expand while it cools the chimney.

DuraPlus requires 2" clearance to combustibles. Outside Diameter is 4 inches larger than Inside Diameter.

dvdp dia.jpg

*We will contact you after you order with the exact shipping cost to ship to your area.  Click here for shipping disclaimer.


6" Diameter

Item #      Price

8" Diameter

Item #      Price

 Pipe:6" length, galvanized steel outer walls    69607    $   57.75 

Not Available 
 Pipe:9" length, galvanized steel outer walls 69606    $   68.00

69806      $  103.25  

 Pipe:12" length, galvanized steel outer walls 69604    $   77.50  

69804      $  123.00  

 Pipe:24" length, galvanized steel outer walls 69603    $   114.25  

69803      $ 178.75  

 Pipe:36" length, galvanized steel outer walls 69601    $ 185.00  

69801      $ 252.25  

 Pipe:24" length, stainless steel outer walls 69602    $ 133.50  

69802      $ 238.25 

 Pipe36" length, stainless steel outer walls 69600    $ 187.00 

69800      $ 275.50

 Chimney Cap: Stainless steel 69655    $   78.25 

69855      $ 117.50 

 Wall strap: galvanized steel 69641    $   28.50  

69841      $   35.75  

 Wall strap: stainless steel 69640    $   35.50  

69840      $   61.50

 Wall strap: adjustable 103321    $   48.00  

Not Available 


Base Plate

Base PlateBase Plate are available in 6" and 8" diameters.

Adapts DuraPlus directly to a zero-clearance fireplace.


6" Diameter

Item #      Price

8" Diameter

Item #      Price

 Base Plate 69627     $  46.75 

69756     $  71.50 


Chimney Adaptors

dvdp chm adp.jpgThese three chimney adaptors give you three options when connecting the DuraPlus Cathedral Support, Round Ceiling Support, or Wall Thimble to your stovepipe.

The stainless steel Close Clearance Adaptor (lower left in picture) features a twist-lock connection to lock into DVL double-wall black Dura-Vent Stovepipe.

To connect to single-wall black stovepipe, use to Snap-Lock Adaptor (top left in picture). Transitions DVL Stovepipe  

When using DuraBlack stovepipe use either the Snap-Lock Adaptor or the DuraBlack 14" Slip Connector, (on right in picture). Transitions to a single wall pipe


6" Diameter

Item #      Price

8" Diameter

Item #        Price

 Adaptor, Close Clearance:
Stainless Steel
(connects to DVL Double-Wall) 
lower left picture
114996      $ 50.50 

114997        $  57.50 

 Adaptor, Slip Connector: Black,
14" long
(connects to Single-wall Stovepipe) 
right picture
114987      $ 31.75  

114991        $  38.25  

 Adaptor, Snap-Lock, w/trim
(connects to Single-wall Stovepipe) 
top left picture
114993      $ 47.75  

114995      $ 50.25  


Elbow Kits and Strap

dvdp rd clg sup1.jpgElbow Kits are available in 6" and 8" diameters.

  • 15 inch, Galvalume
  • 30 inch, Galvalume
  • 30 inch, Stainless

There are elbow straps available if you need an extra. Each kit comes with 2 swivel elbows and 1 elbow strap.


6" Diameter

Item #      Price

8" Diameter

Item #      Price

 Elbow Kit: (2) 15 degree insulated, galvalume, includes elbow strap 69613    $  271.25 

69813      $ 341.25 

 Elbow Kit: (2) 30 degree insulated, galvalume, includes elbow strap 69616    $ 360.75

69816      $ 438.25 

 Elbow Kit: (2) 30 degree insulated, Stainless, includes elbow strap 105014    $ 499.75

105016      $ 615.50 

 Elbow Strap: galvalume 69619    $   34.00

69819      $   38.00 

Manufactured Home Kit

dvdp shd frstp.jpgThe Manufactured Home Kit, includes:
DVL/DuraBlack Chimney Adaptor
24 inch square ceiling support box with trim
adjustable flashing 0/12 - 6/12
chimney cap, storm collar
(2) 24 inch DuraPlus Chimney pipe (galvanized)


6" Diameter

Item #      Price

 Manufactured Home Kit 114999     $ 575.75 


Through-the-Wall Kit

dvdp shd frstp.jpgThe Through-the-Wall Kit, includes:
DVL/DuraBlack Chimney Adaptor
Snap-Lock adaptor
9 inch DuraPlus Chimney Pipe (galvanized)
Wall thimbles
Tee with cap
(2) adjustable Wall straps
Tee support bracket
Chimney Cap


6" Diameter

Item #      Price

 Through-the-Wall Kit 115000     $ 656.50


Scroll down to see our Cathedral Ceiling Support, Round Ceiling Support, Wall Thimble, Attic Insulation Shield & Radiation Shield, Roof Flashings & Storm Collars, Chimney Adaptors and Tee Support, Wall Strap & Extended Roof Brackets that might be necessary to complete your application.


Cathedral Ceiling Support

dvdp cat clg sup.jpgThe Cathedral Ceiling Support provides for connection of the appliance connector pipe to DuraPlus Chimney Pipe when passing through a cathedral type ceiling.  It includes a built-in, twist-lock starter section.

Use a Snap-Lock Adaptor or a DuraBlack Slip Connector to transition to single-wall stovepipe.  Or use a Close Clearance Adaptor to transition to DVL Double-Wall Stovepipe

The Cathedral Ceiling Support is 24" tall and includes a 1 1/2" trim piece.  Supports up to 35' of DuraPlus Chimney.

DIAMETER   Item #          Price ADD TO CART
 6"  69680          $  97.75 
 8"  69880          $128.50 

Round Ceiling Support

dvdp rd clg sup1.jpgUse this Round Ceiling Support when passing through a flat ceiling.  It includes a built-in, twist-lock starter section for DuraPlus Chimney.

Use a Snap-Lock Adaptor or a DuraBlack Slip Connector to transition to single-wall stovepipe.  Or use a Close Clearance Adaptor to transition to DVL Double-Wall Stovepipe 

Both the 6" and 8" Round Ceiling Supports require a 14 1/2" X 14 1/2" framed opening.  Included is a 1 1/2" wide trim collar.  This Round Ceiling Support will support up to 35" of DuraPlus Chimney.


 Item #          Price



 69675     $ 112.25


 69875     $ 148.25

Wall Thimble

dvdp wall thble.jpgUse this Wall Thimble when passing DuraPlus Chimney Pipe through an outside wall.  It must be installed with a length of chimney pipe passing through it .  This length connects to the Tee on the outside of the building.  Then one of three adaptors are used to connect the appliance connector pipe. 

Use a Snap-Lock Adaptor or a DuraBlack Slip Connector to transition to single-wall stovepipe.  Or use a Close Clearance Adaptor to transition to DVL Double-Wall Stovepipe

Both 6" and 8" wall thimbles require a 14 1/2" X 14 1/2" framed opening.


6" Diameter

Item #      Price

8" Diameter

Item #      Price

 Wall Thimble: Galvanized steel painted black, with trim    69631     $ 70.50 

69831      $ 90.75

 Wall Thimble: Stainless steel painted black, with trim 69630     $ 91.75  

69830     $ 105.25  


Attic Insulation Shield & Firestop Radiation Shield

dvdp shd frstp.jpgThe Attic Insulation Shield, left in picture, must be used when DuraPlus Chimney Pipe passes through an attic space. It centers the pipe providing clearance, has a built-in Firestop and prevents insulation from coming in contact with the chimney pipe.  Includes a base and collar. 

The Firestop Radiation Shield, right in picture, must be installed where a chimney pipe passes through a floor or ceiling without a round or square ceiling support box.  Centers pipe and provides for proper clearances.


6" Diameter

Item #      Price

8" Diameter

Item #      Price

 Attic Insulation Shield: galvalume  69674     $ 76.25 

69674      $ 76.25  

 Firestop Radiation Shield: galvalume 69672     $ 68.25  

69872      $ 76.50  


Roof Flashings and Storm Collar

dvdp rf flg stm col.jpgRoof Flashings provide leak proof roof penetration. Select the proper flashing based on the pitch of the roof. 

Note that a 6/12 pitch has a vertical rise of 6" over a horizontal distance of 12". 

We carry two flashings to accommodate most roof pitches: 0/12 to 6/12 and 7/12 to 12/12.  These flashings require a Storm Collar (sold separately, shown on flashing in picture above).


6" Diameter

Item #      Price

8" Diameter

Item #      Price

 Flashing: 0/12-6/12 pitch  galvalume 
(storm collar not included)
69666     $ 60.25 

69866       $   83.25 

 Flashing: 0/12-6/12 pitch,
Dead Soft Aluminum  
(storm collar not included)

115056 FL  $ 100.50

105057 FL   $ 120.50

 Flashing: 7/12-12/12 pitch galvalume
(storm collar not included)
69667 FL   $ 101.75

69867 FL  $ 138.75

 Flashing: FLAT  galvalume 
(storm collar not included)
69686     $ 60.25 

Not Available 

 Storm Collar: galvalume 69656     $  13.00  

69656        $   13.00  

*FL indicates Freight line Shipment - Contact Us with items of interest and submit Shipping City, State and Zip for shipping cost.  This Item cannot ship UPS.



Flex Trim Collar


3" Diameter

Item#      Price

4" Diameter

Item#      Price

 Snow Splitter 115002      $ 102.00 

115002      $ 102.00 


Tee Support, Wall Strap and Extended Roof Bracket

dvdp tee wall ext bkt.jpgThe Tee Support, (at left center in picture), is used with a side-wall DuraPlus Chimney installation.  It supports up to 35' of DuraPlus Chimney.  A Tee (sold separately) mounts to the top of the support.

The Wall Strap, (at bottom middle in picture), is used to support and stabilize the chimney assuring a 2" clearance.  These straps are required every 4'.

Use the Extended Roof Bracket, (at right in picture), to support the chimney when it extends more than 4' above the roof. Adjusts 67" to 114" 


6" Diameter

Item #      Price

8" Diameter

Item #        Price

 Tee Support: galvanized steel  69626      $  92.00 

69826       $  114.25 

 Tee Support: stainless steel   69625      $ 180.50  

69825       $ 180.50  

 Tee with Cover: 
galvanized steel 
69621      $ 219.25 

69821       $ 314.25 

 Tee with Cover: 
stainless steel 
69620      $ 244.75 

69820       $ 347.50  

 Extended Roof Bracket 69670      $  107.50  

69870       $  113.50  

Products Authorized for Internet Sales to Consumers and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) non-certified Installers DuraVent has identified products that may be suitable for a non-certified installer who has above average strength, aptitude and skills for doing a complex installation such as an all-fuel chimney system. These product categories are made available to consumers and do-it-yourself installers, including Internet Sales, and will be fully warranted: DuraPlus; PelletVent; PelletVent for multi-fuel; DuraBlack; DVL; and Type B gas vent.

hiflex ovaltornd.jpg