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HomeSaver FireplaceFlex Stainless Relining Pipe

 fireplaceflex2.jpgFireplaceFlex for 8" X 12" and 12" x 12" Flues. 
There's just as big a need for fireplace relines as there is for other types of relines.  All you have to do is look for  fireplace chimney liner damage - you'll find it.  And HomeSaver FireplaceFlex and Dial-A-Flex give you all the materials you need to do the job.

HomeSaver FireplaceFlex is available in 304 and 316-alloy stainless, in sizes to fit your two most common fireplace flue families: 12"x 12" and 8"x 12" .  These two sizes will be custom made to your specific length and shipped direct from HomeSaver's manufacturing plant.  There is a 10' minimum - see HomeSaver Flex Custom Lengths.

  • 8" x 12" FireplaceFlex has inside dimensions of 7 1/4" x 11 1/4", outside dimensions are 1/4" larger (7 1/2" x 11 1/2").  Cross-sectional area is 81.6
  • 12" x 12" FireplaceFlex has inside dimensions of 10 1/4" x 10 1/4", outside dimensions are 1/4" larger (10 1/2"x 10 1/2"). Cross-sectional area is 105.1

To finish the job at the top, simply order an 18-ga. custom top/bottom plate, below.  You'll also need a set of our top/bottom support brackets (below).

Then add a Gelco Letter Model Knock-Down Top with 12" mesh, or a Chimney Protector.  Be sure the flex protrudes no more than 3" above top plate for use with these caps.



FireplaceFlex Pipe (SPECIAL ORDER -prices are by the foot; quantity of 1 equals 1 foot.) 

Note: There is a 10 ft. minimum order.


8" x 12"

Item #         Price/ft. 

12" x 12"

Item #         Price/ft. 


FF3048    $  66.50  

FF30412  $  80.50  


FF3168    $ 124.50  

FF31612   $ 137.50  


Top/Bottom Support Brackets

ff brackets.jpg

ff brackets2.jpg

ff brackets3.jpg 

 Top/Bottom Support Brackets

Bolt our 12-ga. top/bottom brackets to each side of your HomeSaver Flex.

The brackets then rest on the top plate to provide support.  It's a great alternative to the traditional "wrap around" style of top clamp.

 ....Being Installed

Your support brackets come with four 1/4" bolts and nuts.  Drill a 17/64" hole in your flex for each bracket.  Then put the brackets on each of the four sides of your flex and bolt them in place as pictured above.  (Note: We offer a 17/64" Cobalt Drill Bit, handy when drilling stainless.)

 ....Installation Complete

Once you've drilled your flex and bolted on your brackets, your installation is complete.

The photo above illustrates how the four brackets now rest on your top plate, providing support all the way around. Naturally similar support would be provided in using the four brackets with a bottom plate.  Remember these aren't just for FireplaceFlex - use them with any shape or size of HomeSaver Flex.  Some find the brackets more convenient than having to order a specific top clamp for each relining job.  And they are economical.

Item #         Price

Add to Cart

14200        $  16.00 


Custom Top/Bottom Plate for FireplaceFlex (also Dial-A-Flex and RectangleFlex)

ff topbot plate.jpgOn a special order basis, we can provide 18-ga. custom top/bottom plates with the exact dimensions you need when you order HomeSaver Dial-A-Flex, FireplaceFlex and RectangleFlex.  Note: plates have no lip around opening.

The largest outside dimension available is 33" x 33".  The minimum outside dimensions must be 3" larger than the liner.  Before ordering Dial-A-Flex plates, please refer to the "Weight per Foot" section of the chart on the Dial-A-Flex page.  Always use two top plates when the total weight of your installation exceeds 150 lbs.

Item #         Price

Add to Cart

FFSOTBP    $  82.50 


Universal Flex Connecting Band

ff con band.jpgThough convenient, this Universal Flex Connecting Band does not provide a "male-end-down" connection.  Use only when a flex connector-adaptor is not available (as with Dial-A-Flex).  Requires Make-A-Clamp Kit and Pop Rivets.

Product Note: CAUTION - this connecting band does not provide a male/female connection - use only when a regular Flex connector-adaptor is not available.

Item #         Price

Add to Cart

21459        $  48.50 


Gelco High Screen Top - Flex Relining

gelco hiscreen top.jpgWith HomeSaver Dial-A-Flex we recommend finishing with a Gelco Letter Model Knock-Down Top with 12" mesh or a Chimney Protector with 10" mesh.

Be sure the Flex protrudes no more than 3" above the top of your top plate.

Make sure the combined height of liner and tile extend into the cap no more than 4" for the 10" high Chimney Protector and no more than 6" for the caps with 12" high mesh.  This ensures adequate clearance for the liner.

Note: some sizes of these caps are UL Listed as a termination for HomeSaver Pro or UltraPro, HomeSaver RoundFlex, RectangleFlex, and Small and Large OvalFlex.  See Reversible Single/Multiflue Caps for all models available.


Product Note:  FL indicates freight line shipment.

Ordering Note:  Cut-to-length pieces of HomeSaver liner are NON RETURNABLE, so please order carefully.

Ordering Note:  Available as a special order in custom lengths of 10' to 50'.

Product Note:  Tolerance on small side and large is 0" and -3/8".

Product Note:  Flex pipe compresses during shipping and may need to be stretched out - instructions for stretching are included with all pipe.

Product Note:  All special order HomeSaver Flex pipe must ship via freight line.  Carriers require packaging on all liners.  This cost will be calculated after we have shipping address.