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Insulation for Relining Pipe

Products available for insulating include the following:

The Importance Of Proper Insulation

All ceramic blankets are not alike.  Even brands with similar factory ratings have shown dramatically different insulating characteristics when put to a heat test in a "real world" chimney.  this is why it's so important that genuine HomeSaver Foil-Face FlexWrap be used with HomeSaver.

Additionally, please understand that to create a HomeSaver relining job that meets the UL Listing Standards, you must use only HomeSaver Foil-Face Flex-Wrap, InsulationMix, or TherMix. 

Two Reasons To Insulate:

  1. Under extremely hot flue conditions, insulation keeps the high temperature from spreading through the masonry chimney to exterior combustibles.
  2. Insulation keeps flue gases warm, stabilizing draft for peak efficiency, and minimizing creosote and condensation problems.


UL/ULC Listed HomeSaver Foil-Face FlexWrap Insulation

hs ff fw ins.jpgWhen you use genuine HomeSaver Foil-Face FlexWrap, you're getting the best dollar-for-dollar insulating value on the market.  Foil-Face FlexWrap is one of HomeSaver's recommended insulations for all their flex liners.  HomeSaver Foil-Face FlexWrap is also a suitable insulator for Ventinox VG, VFT, and HiFlex Liners, 1/4" only.

Insulation is a necessary part of a UL/ULC Listed HomeSaver solid fuel relining installation. Always install it according to instructions.  Foil-Face FlexWrap is truely a great insulator.  It consists of special ceramic fibers that resist separation, making it perfect for installations with bends and offsets.  When installed, it also helps to center your liner porperly in the chimney.

HomeSaver Foil-Face FlexWrap comes in two thicknesses, 1/4" and 1/2".  The 1/4" FlexWrap lofts to a working thickness of about 1/2".  The 1/2" FlexWrap lofts to a working thickness of about 3/4".  HomeSaver 1/4" Foil-Face FlexWrap is available in 25' rolls in 24", 30", and 48" widths.  1/2" Foil-Face FlexWrap comes in 24" and 48" widths, and in custom widths in our insulation kits.

HomeSaver's special ceramic blanket is covered with a tough aluminum foil that's 2 mil for 1/4" or 3 mil thick for 1/2". The foil adds insulating value and makes FlexWrap easy to work with and easy to cover with HomeSaver ArmorMesh. 

To install FlexWrap, simply wrap it lengthwise on your pipe and secure it with an adhesive. Seal the seams with foil tape and cover it with HomeSaver ArmorMesh Insulation Cover - you'll find all of these products below.  And you will also learn just how and when to use 1/4" or 1/2" thickness of Foil-Face FlexWrap, depending on the clearances on a particular job.  And please, read everything presented for you here and on down.  You'll learn about insulation and how it relates to the UL/ULC Listing.  See chart to determine which width to use with which HomeSaver liner.  View Insulation Trim Chart featured at bottom of this page.

ins one wrap.jpg

ins two wrap.jpg

insul one wrap.jpg

 One Wrap of 1/4" FlexWrap For 1" of Clearance

Two Wraps of 1/4" FlexWrap For Zero Clearance 

 One Wrap of Foil-Face FlexWrap Gives Zero Clearance UL 1777 Listing

One wrap of HomeSaver 1/4" Foil-Face FlexWrap gives you a UL 1777 Listing when you have 1" of airspace clearance from the masonry chimney to exterior combustibles. 

Out in the "real world" however, it's rare that you'll find a masonry chimney where 1" of airspace to exterior combustibles exists.  Therefore, you'll usually want to insulate with 1/2" Foil-Face FlexWrap or two wraps of 1/4" FlexWrap. 

Two wraps of HomeSaver 1/4" FlexWrap give you a UL 1777 Listing when less than 1" or even zero clearance form a masonry chimney to exterior combustibles exists. 

It's an option you can use when you don't have 1/2" FlexWrap in stock or you prefer two wraps. 

TherMix and HomeSaver InsulationMix also give a zero clearance listing when installed according to manufacturer's instructions.

Tired of putting on two wraps of 1/4" Foil-Face FlexWrap to get the Zero Clearance UL 1777 Listing with HomeSaver Flex?  In most cases, one wrap of 1/2" costs less than two wraps of 1/4".  Using one wrap is a lot easier and faster than using two wraps.  For popular diameters of HomeSaver Pro and UltraPro liner, our 1/2" Foil-Face FlexWrap is available in complete insulation kits with the insulation precut to the proper wrap-around width.  With 1/2" Foil-Face FlexWrap you can meet the Zero Clearance Standard, save time and reduce your cost.




19124 1/4" x 24" x 25' roll $  134.00
19130 1/4" x 30" x 25' roll $  232.25
19148 1/4" x 48" x 25' roll $  254.50
19162 1/2" x 24" x 25' roll $  181.25
19165 1/2" x 24" x 30' roll $  218.50
19166 1/2" x 24" x 35' roll $  245.75
19160 1/2" x 30" x 25' roll $  381.25
19164 1/2" x 48" x 25' roll $  381.75


HomeSaver Non-Foil-Face FlexWrap

ins non foil wrap.jpgThough they are not UL Listed for use with any of our chimney liners, we also offer two non-foil-face versions of FlexWrap.

  • One is a little thicker than our 1/4" Foil-Face FlexWrap, being factory rated at 1/2", lofting to about 5/8".  It comes in 25' rolls in either 24" or 48" widths and has an 8 lb. density.
  • The other is a 1" thick blanket with a lower, 4 lb. density.  It comes in 5' lengths or 25' rolls that are 24" in width.  Both are great when you only need small pieces for stuffing in nooks and crannies.

You can use Non-Foil-Face FlexWrap for sealing between the shroud of an insert and fireplace facing.  Also great for replacing the insulation seal between frames of glass doors and fireplace facing.  It's also a good all-around insulator that's often used in non-relining situations where large volumes of insualtion are needed.

*You'll find lots of uses for Non-Foil-Face FlexWrap, but never leave any blanket exposed to a living area as the fibrous dust may be harmful if inhaled.

Remember: Non-Foil-Face FlexWrap is not UL Listed for use with any relining products.


Our liners and insulation are intended for relining masonry chimneys, and factory-built chimneys when used with our Factory-Built Liner Adaptor.

Insulation is not optional to achieve a UL 1777 listing for wood or coal applications.  And although it is not required for gas and oil applications, it is recommended.






1/2" x 24" x 25' roll

$  123.50


1/2" x 48" x 25' roll

$  230.75


1/2" x 24" x 25' roll

$  134.50


1" x 24" x 5' length

$   47.50


HomeSaver Pro and UltraPro Insulation Kits

hspro insul kit.jpgWe put our Foil-Face FlexWrap insulation in a kit so you can get everything you need for a typical relining job.  When using HomeSaver Pro or UltraPro insulation kits with their matching relining kit, you'll find the insulation is cut perfectly for the liner size you order.  The liner kits come in 25', 30', and 35' lengths which means you will not have to measure and cut the insulation yourself.  (There will be just a slight amount of trimming needed when using HomeSaver RoundFlex).

HomeSaver Pro and UltraPro insulation kits come with 1/2" insulation.  That means you only have to use a single wrap of insulation on the pipe, not the two wraps required with 1/4" insulation.  Since one wrap of 1/2" gives a smaller outside diameter on the finished product than two wraps of 1/4", you'll have even more clearance for getting HomeSaver Pro down the flue.  Naturally HomeSaver Pro and UltraPro are UL/ULC Listed for one wrap of 1/2" insulation.

Note: All kits include Foil-Face FlexWrap, ArmorMesh, aluminum tape, 1 Make-A-Clamp kit and 1 3M spray adhesive.

Now with just two item numbers (one for the relining kit and one for the insulation kit) it's possible to get everything you need for a reline, including insulation, perfectly sized for the job.  Consult our sizing charts shown at bottom of this page.


Insulation Kit

25 ft. length

Item #         Price

Insulation Kit

30 ft. length

Item #         Price 

Insulation Kit

35 ft. length

Item #         Price 


17018        $  277.00  

Not Available 

Not Available 


17020        $  277.00  

Not Available 

Not Available 


17022        $  278.00  

17024        $  324.75  

17026        $  361.25 


17028        $  335.00  

Not Available 

Not Available 


17029        $  499.75  

Not Available 

Not Available 


UL Listed HomeSaver ArmorMesh Insulation Cover

armormesh.jpgRequired as part of a HomeSaver UL Listed installation, this tough 304 stainless woven wire mesh wraps, holds, and protects HomeSaver Foil-Face FlexWrap in the chimney.  ArmorMesh makes FlexWrap highly resistant to snagging or tearing during installation, and its presence guarantees that FlexWrap will stay in place, around the pipe, for years to come.

The picture in the upper left corner shows ArmorMesh as it arrives - in a 25' roll.  As you can see, the "roll" is really a "tube shape."  Simply open the ArmorMesh and slip it over your FlexWrap (upper right photo - for simplicity, pretend this short piece of HomeSaver is a full liner length).

As the photo at lower left shows, clamp one end of your ArmorMesh to the pipe using our unique Make-A-Clamp System shown below.  Then take the loose end of the ArmorMesh and pull, Presto.  the ArmorMesh immediately tightens to fit snugly around your insulation.  Then add the final clamp, as shown in lower right photo. 

ArmorMesh comes in three sizes: small, large, and extra-large.  Consult our handy sizing chart below.

Tight Weave ArmorMesh is also available. Resists snagging on rough spots in the flue.


 Item #





Small ArmorMesh: 12" x 25' roll
Use with 3" - 6" Flex

$   36.75


Small ArmorMesh: 12" x 30' roll
Use with 3" - 6" Flex

$   42.75


Small ArmorMesh: 12" x 35' roll,
Use with 3" - 6" Flex

$   53.25


Large ArmorMesh: 18" x 25' roll
Use with 7" - 9" Flex,
Small Oval Flex, Rectangle Flex,
8" x12" FireplaceFlex

$   52.25


Extra-Large ArmorMesh: 24" x 25' roll
Use with 10" - 16" Flex, Large Oval, 12 x 12 FireplaceFlex

$   74.00


Tight Weave ArmorMesh

hs ff fw ins.jpg

 Item #





Small ArmorMesh: 12" x 25' roll
Use with 3" - 6" Flex

$  89.50


Small ArmorMesh: 12" x 35' roll,
Use with 3" - 6" Flex

$ 122.50


Large ArmorMesh: 18" x 25' roll
Use with 7" - 9" Flex,
Small Oval Flex, Rectangle Flex,
8" x12" FireplaceFlex

$ 125.25


Extra-Large ArmorMesh: 24" x 25' roll
Use with 10" - 16" Flex, Large Oval, 12 x 12 FireplaceFlex

$ 150.50



Stainless Wire, Alum Foil Tape, Water Glass & 3M Adhesive

stainless wire.jpg

water glass.jpg

 3m adhesive.jpg

alum foil tape.jpg

 Stainless Wire

Water Glass

3M Adhesive

 Aluminum Foil Tape

Installers use to secure the ceramic blanket to chimney relining pipe with one or two wraps of stainless wire spiraled up and down its length. Some installers still use this method, and it's okay as long as ArmorMesh is added over the wire to achieve a UL Listing.  You can also use our 21-ga., 304 stainless wire any time you need wire that will be exposed to the elements.  It won't rust and deteriorate like bailing wire. Each 1 lb. can contains approximately 366 feet of stainless wire. 

When you're wrapping your FlexWrap around the liner, you'll need one of these adhesives to hold it in place temporarily while you apply tape and ArmorMesh.  ArmorMesh then holds your FlexWrap permanently in place. 

Our choice is Water Glass, a liquid that brushes on and comes in a 1 gallon pail. 


When you're wrapping your FlexWrap around the liner, you'll need one of these adhesives to hold it in place temporarily while you apply tape and ArmorMesh.  ArmorMesh then holds your FlexWrap permanently in place. 

A more popular way to go is the 16 1/2 oz. spray can of 3M Adhesive.  After using, turn the can upside down and press the spray button until the adhesive stops coming out so the nozzle won't get clogged.

Use this 3" wide aluminum foil tape to seal your vertical seams and ends when insulating with HomeSaver Foil-Face FlexWrap Insulation.  This Tape will hold you edges in place while you cover the insulation with ArmorMesh. 

Also use this tape to seal the joints in dryer vents.  It provides a neat, professional seal that prevents the joint from coming apart and allowing lint to filter into the house.  Each roll contains 50 yards.

Item #         Price 

Item #         Price 

Item #        Price 

Item #        Price 

16100     $  21.00 

81152     $  25.50 

38000     $  25.50 

90100     $  24.50 


Make-A-Clamp System

makeaclamp.jpgAttaching ArmorMesh to HomeSaver Chimney Liners requires different-sized, stainless, radiator-type hose clamps.  The fantastic Make-A-Clamp system gives you any length clamp you need.  A close look at the photo on the box shows just how the Make-A-Clamp System works.  Basically, you have a roll of stainless steel strapping and a series of male and female clamp ends.  These clamp ends hook right onto your strapping after you cut it to whatever size you need.  Making clamps - from huge to small - is a breeze.  Mini-Kits, Maxi-Kits, and boxes of 10 extra fasteners are available.

 Item #  Kit Description 



 39010  Make-A-Clamp Mini Kit.  Includes: 8 1/2" of band, three adjustable fasteners, and band splice.  Enough for 3 8" diameter clamps.

$  16.50

 39020 Make-A-Clamp Maxi-Kit.  Includes: 50' of band, 10 adjustable fasteners, and five band splices.  When combined with box of 10 extra fasteners, is enough for 20, 8" diameter clamps. 

$  59.25

39030  Make-A-Clamp Extra Fasteners, box of 10 

$  27.50


UL Listed HomeSaver InsulationMix

insulationmix.jpg...for a total HomeSaver installation, HomeSaver InsulationMix is a UL Listed 1777 Zero Clearance insulator for HomeSaver Relining Pipe.  Also use for ULC S635-00 standard.  This includes UltraPro, Pro, RoundFlex, RectangleFlex, and OvalFlex.  HomeSaver InsulationMix may also be used for Dial-A-Flex and FireplaceFlex.  A big plus for HomeSaver InsulationMix is its bag-to-bag weight consistency.  You can depend on your bag calculations being right every time.  HOMESAVER INSULATIONMIX MIXING AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

 Item #  Kit Description 



 39100 2.5 Cubic feet bag at approximately 45 lbs per bag  (shipped in a box) 

$  44.00

 39105 FL

Pallet of 50, 2.5 cubic feet bags ( ships Freight Line) 

We will contact you with exact shipping price to you after purchase is made so shipping is accurate.  You will have the choice of paying or a complete refund.

$  1645.25


UL Listed TherMix Insulation

thermix insulation.jpgTherMix is a UL Listed 1777 Zero Clearance insulator for HomeSaver Relining Pipe. It's also recommended with Ventinox VG, VFT, an HiFlex Liners.

 Item #  Kit Description 




2.4 - 3 cubic feet bag at aproximately 44 lb. per bag  (shipped in a box) 

$  60.50

 18105 FL

Pallet of 40, 44 lb. bags  (Ships Freightline)

We will contact you with exact shipping price to you after purchase is made so shipping is accurate.  You will have the choice of paying or a complete refund.

$  1809.50


HomeSaver InsulationMix is available in 45 lb. bags and fills 2.4-3 cubic feet. They are easy to work with, poor easily (they have the consistency of damp potting soil), and contain no asbestos.  To figure how many cubic feet you need on any given job, you need two things:

  1. The volume of the chimney
  2. The volume of the pipe

Subtract the latter (2) from the former (1) and you've got the volume of insulation you'll need.  Here are the mathematical formulas:

how many cubic feet.jpg

Hold it! Remember that TherMix bag holds 2.4-3 cubic feet and HomeSaver InsulationMix bag holds 2.5 cubic feet, so be sure to divide your final figure by either 2.4 or 2.5 to determine how many bags you'll need for the job.

Please follow all instructions on the product bags, paying particular attention to requirements concerning mixing, curing, drying, and chimney sizing.  Wear a respirator, goggles, and adequate skin protection when working with HomeSaver InsulationMix or TherMix.

Note: HomeSaver liners are UL Listed with both mixes.  Ventinox is only listed with TherMix. 


hs armormesh chart.jpg

hs flexwrap trim chart2.jpg

hs flexwrap trim chart.jpg

* Since you can cut both wraps from one width of 48" FlexWrap, you only need one 25' roll of FlexWrap for every 25' of these diameter pipes when double-wrapping.

** You need two 25' rolls of FlexWrap for every 25' of these diameter pipes when double-wrapping.

*** These diameters must be wrapped widthwise.  The number of rolls you need depends on your overall liner length.

 t  Pre-cut 30" wide FlexWrap is available for these sizes.  It helps minimize trimming.


Shipping Disclaimer:

*We will contact you after you order with the exact shipping cost to ship to your area.  The shopping cart will charge you the standard shipping charges that depend on the dollar value of the order.  We will send you an email and an invoice for additional shipping charges, if any, that will have to be paid before order will ship.  If you do not wish pay the corrected shipping charges for your order, you will be refunded the total amount of your order. 

We are unable to figure an accurate shipping charge until you order and give us a shipping address and are sorry for the slight delay in your order to get accurate shipping prices. The price you already paid for shipping will be applied to the actual charge by UPS to ship to you.  You can email the list of items you want to buy if you want the shipping cost in advance of your order. 
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