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Reliner Adaptors Etc.

This is where all the other necessary relining components are hiding.  On this page your will find the following:

HomeSaver Insert Adaptor System

This system makes it easy to reline flues that vent fireplace inserts with rectangular openings.  HomeSaver's Insert Adaptor System is modular.  All the 304-alloy stainless components simply slip together.  this way you can mix and match the components you need, depending upon things like fireplace depth, lintel height, damper opening position, etc.

The components are easy to understand.  There are two insert adaptors (straight and offset) which fit into the rectangular opening on the insert top. 

Then there are three insert adaptor transitions - one each for RectangleFlex, Large OvalFlex, and 8" RoundFlex.

There's a 45 degree insert adaptor elbow you can use between the straight insert adaptor and any transition when needed.

Finally, there's an Insert Adaptor Boot that will mate your adaptors to larger insert exhausts.

We've illustrated just four of the many possible combinations this great modular system allows.  Try the HomeSaver Insert Adaptor System on your fireplace insert reline job.

hs insert adpt syst1.jpg

Insert Adaptor Boot

As described above, both the straight and offset adaptors have a 3 1/4" x 13 1/4" lipped opening in the bottom. Use the 18-ga. insert adaptor boot when you find and insert whose exhaust dimensins are substantially different than these.

It is constructed of 304-alloy stainless, stands 3/4" high. and bolts to the top of the insert. Then, either your straight insert adaptor or offset insert adaptor fits right into the boot.

It will cover an insert exhaust vent as large as 5 1/2" x 19 1/2". Be sure the opening in the boot is centered over the opening of the insert exhaust vent during installation.

Item #         Price

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14410          $111.50


Insert Adaptors

Flat gasket material comes cemented to the bottom of the adaptor to form a seal.  The straight insert adaptor is placed into the rectangular opening on the top of your fireplace insert.  Metal tabs on the adaptor bend out to hold it in place. 

Then, any of the three insert adaptor transition pieces or 45 degree insert adaptor elbow (featured below) simply slide right into the tip of the insert adaptor.  A glance at the illustrations at the top of this page shows what we mean.

The transition piece you choose is not fastened in place in the insert adaptor.  It should be allowed to "slip" freely by at least 2".  This gives you even more flexibility during your installation.

And if you don't need an insert adaptor that's the full 8" high, just trim it down with your sheet metal shears.

If you encounter an insert whose exhaust vent doesn't mate to the 3 1/4" x 13 3/4" opening on either the straight or offset insert adaptor, use the insert adaptor boot, which is featured above, to get the job done.

In addition to describing the insert adaptor boot, we feature descriptions of the insert adaptor transitions, as well as our 45 degree insert adaptor elbow, all shown below.

straight inst adpt.jpg

offset ins adpt.jpg

45 inst adp elb.jpg

 Straight Insert Adaptor

Offset Insert Adaptor 

 45 degree Insert Adaptor Elbow

This insert adaptor is the heart of the HomeSaver Insert Adaptor System.  The Straight Insert Adaptor is a 5" x 15", 24-ga., 304-alloy steel box that is 8" high and completely open at the top.  The bottom of the box has a 3 1/4" x 13 3/4" opening with a 1/2" lip extending down from the opening. 

The 24-ga., 304-alloy stainless Offset Insert Adaptor works like the straight insert adaptor except it exits at a 30 degree angle from vertical.  It's underside dimensions are 5" x 15", with a 3 1/4" x 13 3/4" opening and a 1/2" lip extending down from the opening.6 7/8h 

The 45 degree Insert Adaptor Elbow is an optional component that can be used with the straight insert adaptor if needed.  Use it when your fireplace insert reline requires that you come straight up from the insert, and then make a fairly sharp bend towards the rear of the fireplace before going up through the damper and flue.

Item #         Price 

Item #         Price 

Item #        Price 

14420      $  122.00 

14430      $  107.00 

14440      $  98.75 

rf inst adpt trans.jpg

ov lg ins adpt trans.jpg


 RoundFlex Insert Adaptor Transition

Large Oval Insert Adaptor Transition 

 RectangleFlex Insert Adaptor Transition

The 24-ga. RoundFlex Insert Adaptor Transition has an 8" round female opening that accepts HomeSaver RoundFlex. Four pilot holes for attaching your RoundFlex are located on the round end. It is 10" high.  The rectangular end then slips into either a straight or offset insert adaptor.  Or, if ou installation requires a 45 degree insert adaptor elbow, this piece will slide right into it as well.  If you are using HomeSaver Pro or UltraPro, you will need the cast-iron insert boot adaptor to make the transition into this component.

The oval end of the OvalFlex Insert Adaptor Tansition has four pilot holes and is sized to accept HomeSaver Large OvalFlex. 

Just like its RoundFlex cousin, featured at left, the 24-ga., 304-alloy stainless OvalFlex Insert Adaptor Transition mates perfectly to either a straight or offset insert adaptor.  It measures 8 3/4" high and may also be used with a 45 degree insert adaptor elbow.

The 24-ga., 304-alloy stainless RectangleFlex Insert Adaptor Transition works just like the RoundFlex and OvalFlex Insert Adaptor Transitions.

On its top end it accepts HomeSaver RectangleFlex and has four pilot holes.  It is 10" high.

Use it just like you would the RoundFlex and OvalFlex Insert Adaptor Transitions when you're relining with HomeSaver RectangleFlex.

Item #         Price 

Item #         Price 

Item #        Price 

14460      $  138.75 

14470     $  144.50 

14480          $  154.75 


Axwood Direct Connect Stove Top Adaptors

Axwood Direct Connect T-bolt Fasteners

· The original insert adaptor - Patented
· Only 41/2" high · 24-ga. 304-alloy stainless steel
· Custom Axwood adaptors available

Adaptors are available with both rectangle and round bottom openings. Both styles of adaptors feature a lip on the upper collar to facilitate pipe installation.

All stock adaptors feature a 19° take-off. We also have the T-bolt fastener set for securing adaptors to an insert for the rectangular based adaptors. Click here for custom Axwood adaptors worksheet.

3 1/4" x 13 3/4"
bottom opening

Item #         Price

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with 8" round,
rigid liner take-off
15100        $  117.25
with 7" round, flexible liner take-off
15101        $  123.00
with 8" round,
flexible liner take-off
15102        $  123.00
with small
OvalFlex liner take-off
15103        $  117.75
8" Round
bottom opening

Item #         Price

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with 8" round,
flexible liner take-off
15104        $  126.75
with small
OvalFlex liner take-off
15105        $  123.50
6" Round
bottom opening

Item #         Price

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with 6" round,
flexible liner take-off
15106        $  120.75
T-bolt fasteners, set of 2
15107        $  17.25


HomeSaver Factory Built Liner Adaptor

fb liner adpt top.jpg

fb liner adptr2.jpg 


Now you can reline a factory-built chimney and hae a system listed to UL 1777 and ULC S365-00.

Before HomeSaver's Factory-Built Liner Adaptor was developed you had a real dilemma if you wanted to install a wood burning insert into a factory-built fireplace - you could do the installation without a UL/ULC Listed liner system - or you could not do the installation at all. Well you don't have to make that choice any more...

Now you can put a UL/ULC Listed insert into a factory-built fireplace, reline the chimney, and know with certainty you hae installed a UL/ULC Listed liner.  That's protection for YOU!

The UL/ULC Listing is valid only with HomeSaver liners and components; and only if installed according to manufacturer's instructions.

Note: chimney must be in good, sound condition before installing a liner.  No warpage, rusting, buckleing, or any other damage is acceptable.  Verify clearances and verify existing installation is properly done before installing liner.

The Adaptor makes the Whole System Work

The support for the entire liner system is provided by the patented factory-built liner adaptor.  The adaptor sits on top of the double-wall factory-built chimney without sealing of airflow between the walls. Look underneath the adaptor to see the screen that allows air to flow in and out between the chimney walls.  The screen also keeps critters from entering this space.

The only liners UL/ULC Listed for the system are HomeSaver RoundFlex, Pro, and UltraPro - 6" diameters only.  1/2" HomeSaver Foil-Face FlexWrap insulation on the liner is also required.  All the top and bottom termination hardware is also either HomeSaver Pro or HomeSaver RoundFlex.

bot plate w collar.jpg For use with 3", 4", and 6" HomeSaver UltraPro and Pro liners.

Item #         Price

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14940          $  85.25 

bot plate w collar.jpgThis PELLET ADAPTOR Easily converts the FBLA for pellet appliance relining.


Item #         Price

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3" 21482          $  17.50
4" 21484          $  17.50



HomeSaver Stock Top/Bottom Plates

hs stock top bot plates.jpgOur stock top/bottom plates are free of those dangerous sharp points that can inflict damage to you, and we have lots of styles and sizes of relining pipe to choose from.

Naturally we have top plates for all diameters of our RoundFlex, HomeSaver Pro, HomeSaver Ultra Pro from 3" - 12" including 5.5".  These sizes are available: 9" x 9", 9" x 13", 13" x 13", 13" x 18", or 18" x 18".  We also have top plates for Large and Small OvalFlex and for RectangleFlex.

Stock top/bottom plates are not available for FireplaceFlex or for Dial-A-Flex.  However, you can order custom plates for these installations.

All of our HomeSaver top/bottom plates are made of 18-ga., 304-alloy stainless steel.  We don't custom trim our plates.  We recommend electric shears for trimming of the plates to match your exact application when necessary.


9" x 9"

Item #         Price

9" x 13"

Item #         Price 

 3" TBP993       $  22.50  

TBP9133       $  25.50  


TBP994       $  22.50  

TBP9134       $  25.50  

 5" 38201       $  22.50  

TBP9135       $  25.50  

 5.5" 38302       $  22.50  

38301       $  25.50  

 6" 38302       $  22.50  

38301       $  25.50  

 RectangleFlex  Not Available  21461      $  31.75 



13" x 13"

Item #         Price 

13" x 18"

Item #         Price 

18" x 18"

Item #         Price 

 3" 38003        $  27.00  

21204        $  39.00  

38005        $  46.50  

 4" 38103        $  27.00  

21246        $  39.00   

38105        $  46.50  

 5" 38203        $  27.00 

38204        $  39.00 

38205        $  46.50  

 5.5" 38303        $  27.00  

38304        $  39.00 

38305        $  46.50  

 6" 38303        $  27.00  

38304        $  39.00 

38305        $  46.50  

 7" 38403        $  27.00  

38404        $  39.00 

38405        $  46.50  

 8" 38503        $  27.00 

38504        $ 39.00 

38505        $  46.50  

 9" 21903        $ 27.00  

21904        $  39.00 

38605        $  46.50 

 10" 21983        $ 27.00  

21984        $  39.00 

38705        $  46.50  

 11" Not Available  Not Available  21286        $  49.50  

 12" Not Available  Not Available  21294        $  49.50 

 Sm. OvalFlex  Not Available  21404     $  38.75
 21405     $  73.50
 Lg. OvalFlex  Not Available  21434      $  38.75
 21435     $  73.50
 RectangleFlex  Not Available  21464     $  65.75
 21465     $  75.50



Bottom Plate With 2" Collar

bot plate w collar.jpgUse this 18" x 18" 304 stainless, 18-ga. bottom plate with 2" collar with the leg support system.  Rigid liner fits right into the collar, RoundFlex, Pro, and UltraPro will need a connector-adaptor.  Available in 8" - 12" diameters.


18x18 Bottom Plate w/2" collar

Item #         Price

 8" 36108      $  80.50 

 9" 36109      $  80.50

 10" 36110      $ 80.50 

 11" 36111      $  80.50 

 12" 36112      $  80.50 


Bottom Plate Leg Support System

bot plate leg spt.jpgThis Leg Support (shown with our bottom plate with 2" collar) is a great way to go when installing your bottom plate in a fireplace reline. 

This system lets you make you installation through the damper area.  It can be used with the bottom plate with 2" collar, or with any of our stock or special order top/bottom plates (each sold separately).

The Leg Support System consists of two 304-alloy stainless tubes, two 1/2" stainless all-thread rods, two stainless nuts, and two tube holders.  The rods slide into the tubes and the nuts tighten to adjust the length of the rod/tube assembly.  The rods are 30" in length, and the tubes are 24".  The maximum recommended leg length is 48".  If you need legs shorter than 30", just cut your rods/tubes to fit.

Note:  Do not allow all of the liner's weight to rest on the bottom. Support you liner on top with a top plate and top clamp or top/bottom support brackets.

Ordering Note:  To complete your installation, you will need a plate - use eithr the bottom plate with 2" collar (below) or any of our stock or custom top/bottom plates.

Item #         Price

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14300       $  112.00


304 & 316-Alloy Stainless Steel Pop Rivets & Gun

pop rivets ss.jpgUse the 1/8" grip range, 304 rivets for joining two pieces of rigid Heat-Fab Saf-T-Liner.  These are the same rivets that come with Saf-T-Liner.  The 1/4" grip range, 304 rivets do the job when joining either HomeSaver Flex or Heat-Fab Saf-T-Liner.  Use the 1/2" grip range, 304 rivets with HomeSaver Flex or are any time you have large tolerances.  (The large grip range naturally requires more pulls on the pop rivet gun.)

We also offer 316-alloy stainless steel pop rivet.  The 316 rivets feature a 1/2" grip range and should be used with all 316 relining pipe and components.

Our rivets are sold in packs of 100. They are 1/8" diameter and require, a 9/64" drill bit and require a heavier-duty pop rivet gun than the one you have to work around the house.

 Item Item #         Price

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304-alloy, 1/2" grip range for flex

59150          $   48.50

304-alloy, 1/4" grip range for flex or rigid

59175          $   26.00

304-alloy, 1/8" grip range for rigid

59125          $   26.00


286797          $  69.75


Cobalt & Double End Drill Bits

drill bits.jpgOur 9/64" cobalt bits, sold individually, have a sharp, long-lasting tip that works great.  Our 9/64" double end bits, sold in packs of 12, are made with a softer metal and are more break resistant than the cobalt bits.  But they may lose sharpness after moderate use.  They're sized just right for our stainless pop rivets (shown above).  We also offer 17/64" cobalt bit for mounting our HomeSaver Top/Bottom Support Brackets.


Item #         Price

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9/64" double end drill bits
 (pack of 12)
58250       $  22.50
9/64" cobalt drill bit,
(pack of 5)
58300       $  29.50


Self-Drilling Stainless Screws & Chuck Drivers

screws sd ss.jpgThese stainless screws require no pilot hole.  They are self- drilling.  Just pop them in your chuck driver and your variable-speed drill and go to town. 

Our screws are 400 series stainless, 1/2", No. 8 or 1 1/4", No. 10.  The No.8 (pictured) has a combination slot/hex-drive head and is sold in packs of 500: the No. 10 has a hex drive head and is sold in packs of 125.


Item #         Price

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#8, 1/2" stainless steel screws, pack/500 55100       $  52.00
#10 1 1/4" stainless steel screws, pack/125  55150       $  36.75
#8, 1/2" self-drilling black screws, pack/500 55300       $  19.50
1/4" magnetic chuck driver for #8 screws  288302       $   6.00

5/16" magnetic chuck driver for #10 screws

288303       $   9.00

 *We will contact you after you order with the exact shipping cost to ship to your area.  Click here for shipping disclaimer.