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Relining Pipe

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Offering 17 different Brands of Liners









UL/ULC Listed 316 Ti-alloy, .005" UltraPro has taken the industry by storm because of its superior crush resistance, kink resistance, and great prices. 

The 316-alloy, .006" HomeSaver Pro gives you even greater crush resistance than UltraPro yet is only slightly less kink-free when it comes out of its shipping box. 

The UL/ULC Listed RoundFlex sets the standard by which all high strength liners are measured.

Made of four interlocking layers of top-quality 304 or 316 stainless. 

An insulated 8" round liner doesn't fit down an 8" x 12" flue.  Yet many times 8" stoves and inserts are vented into 8" x 12" flues and need to be relined.  The solution - HomeSaver RectangleFlex. 




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The cool oval shape of OvalFlex lets you avoid having to tear out damper frames on most fireplace insert relines.

We have two OvalFlex sizes and a full contingent of components. 

 The two most common fireplace flue sizes are 8" x 12" and 12" x 12". So we offer FireplaceFlex to fill the reline needs of these families.

We created the technology to make a flexible liner in 94 different square and rectangular sizes.  So if you ever need a liner that's say, 5"x17 3/8" or 7" x 17" (or any of 92 other sizes), Dial-A-Flex will fill your needs. 

Additional protection for you.  HomeSaver warranties clearly state that the installer is not liable for removal and installation costs in the unlikely event of a warranty-covered failure. 

An Education On Stainless Alloys

304-alloy is great for wood burning applications and does a good job preventing corrosion in acid-free environments.

316-alloy adds molybdenum to 304-alloy but vastly improves the corrosion resistance.  An excellent alloy for coal, oil, and non-condensing gas appliances.

321-alloy adds titanium to the basic 304-alloy. This improves corrosion resistance at higher temperatures.  However, its corrosion resistance in acidic environments is not as good as 316-alloy.

316 Ti-alloy adds both moybdenum and titanium to 304-alloy, giving the excellent corrosion resistance of 316-alloy in acidic environments and high heat corrosion resistance of 321-alloy.

AL 29-4C alloy is for oil and all categories of gas appliances. 

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  Heat-Fab 24-ga.  Saf-T Liner Rigid

 UL Listed AL 29-4C 26-ga Heat-Fab Saf-T Liner Rigid

 Flexi-Liner Aluminum Pipe


Saf-T Liner is constructed of seam-welded, 24-ga., stainless steel. 

304-alloy carries a lifetime workmanship and materials warranty for wood burning applications.  316-alloy carries a 10-year warranty for coal. 

Heat-Fab Saf-T Vent is a product to choose for rigid gas relining. It has a unique, patented pop rivet-free locking system. 

It is listed to the 1738 Standard for condensing gas appliances, as a chimney liner and a gas vent connector. 

UL Listed to the UL 1777 Standard as a liner for masonry chimneys serving B vent rated, gas-fired heating appliances with as AFUE of 83% or less. 

Made of two-ply, 3003 aluminum and features a 15-yr prorated, limited warranty

Smooth Inner Wall High Performance Light Liner.

Two plies of .005in 316Ti Stainless SureSeal locking system for strength.

Supremely Flexible and easy to pull thru.

Lifetime Warranty

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 Ventinox VFT 316 Ti-alloy Liner

Ventinox AL 29-4C VG Gas & Oil Liner 

Ventinox VHF HiFlex 321-Alloy 

  Ventinox VHF HiFlex 321-Alloy Oval Liner

The cool oval shape of OvalFlex lets you avoid having to tear out damper frames on most fireplace insert relines.

We have two OvalFlex sizes and a full contingent of components. 

 This liner is a high-quality product. It is .006" thick, utilizing a continuous weld and spiral corrugation technique creating a tough flue liner, impervious to gas, oil, or water vapor.  The outside diameter is 1/2" larger than its inside diameter.

HiFlex offers a lifetime warranty for wood burning applications, is UL Listed to the 1777 Standard for Zero Clearance to combustibles when properly insulated. FasClamp Fastening System eliminates using pop rivets. 

For your convenience we will custom ovalize 5" - 12" round Ventinox to specific widths in 1/2" increments. Offering complete information on cross-sectional areas and major and minor dimensions of ovalized liners.

Simpson  DuraVent Products



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   Liners and Pipe Available

Simpson DuraVent DuraLiner

Simpson DuraVent DuraFlex

  Reducers & Increasers

Simpson offers many types of liners and chimney pipe and black pipe. 

All are UL Listed and have warranties.

The Inner liner is .016" 304-alloy

Outer liner is .018" aluminized steel

UL listed for zero clearance between masonry and combustibles and between the liner and the interior masonry

Limited lifetime warranty

316 Ti stainless steel alloy-good for wood, oil, coal, pellet, and noncondensing gas.

.006" wall thickness

Tested to the UL 1777 standard

Lifetime warranty


Reducers and increasers allow you to connect pipe of different diameters.  The reducer (on Top) has a crimp on the large end.  The increaser (on Bottom) has a crimp on the small end.  Remember for all solid fuel installations, the connections must be installed with the male end down.





 DuraVent Aluminum Chimney Liner

DirectVent Pro Factory-Built Chimney Conversion Kits 

  DuraVent  DirectVent Pro CoLinear  Chimney System

  Masonry Chimney Conversion Kit

For use when converting existing chimneys to the DuraVent DirectVent Pro System.  Used with Factory-Built Chimney Conversion Kits and Co-Linear Liner System and Masonry Conversion Kits.

Flexible two-ply .010: aluminum.

These kits converts an existing factory-built chimney system to a direct venting system.

Kits include a cap adaptor and a retro connector collar.

Purchase liner and cap seperately.

The Travis Co-Axial to Co-Linear Appliance connector connects the two 3" liners to the appliance. 

The top piece brings together two, 3" liners so one 4"x6 5/8" DirectVent Rain Cap can be used.

For your convenience The Masonry Chimney Conversion Kit allows venting of your direct vent stove through an existing masonry chimney using the chimney chase to provide incoming combustion air when allowed by the appliance manufacturer.

    Typical Relining Installation Drawings Available To Guide You!