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Security Double-Wall Black Stovepipe

 security dw black.jpgClose Clearance to Combustibles

430-alloy stainless inner wall, steel outer wall

Use with Security factory-built chimneys only

10-year warranty against burnout

This double-wall may be used with all types of solid fuel appliances.  It may be installed as close as 6" to combustibles.  It is recommended to use this double-wall stovepipe with Security factory built chimney. 

Security's exterior wall is 26-ga BLACK steel.  The inner wall is made of corrosion-resistant 430-alloy stainless steel and is .015" thick. 

Look closely at the pipe sections and you'll see a series of openings in the outer wall.  This feature allows for the recovery of heat from between the two walls of the pipe. 

Security Double-Wall Black Stovepipe has a 10-year warranty against burnout.   

Additional components are available special order. 

Security Double-Wall Black Stovepipe Components:

  • The trim collar A 671331.jpgconceals the foint between the double-wall stovepipe and Security's finishing support or cathedral ceiling support .  It butts up to the support for a finished look.
  • Use the decorative collar to hide the joint between the double-wall stovepipe and factory-built chimney whien Security's wall radiation shield or alternative supports are used.
  • The flue extension 67694.jpgattaches to the bottom of the chimney to make a "male-end-down" connection to double or single-wall stovepipe.  The inner wall of the chimney slips into the top of the flue extension, which is then secured to the chimney with three screws, not included.  NOTE: The flue extension is included with a finishing support or a cathedral support.  Order seperately when using the wall radiation sheild.
  • The Security stove adaptor 67160.jpgconnects double-wall to a stove.  This 6" high adaptor simply twist locks onto the bottom of Security double-wall pipe. On a stove that exhausts to the back, use the stove adaptor to join an elbow or tee to the stove.  If the stove doesn't have a lip, you can snip the tabs off a flue extension, and use the remaing flue extension as a splice between the stove adaptor and the stove.
  • The masonry adaptor 67155.jpgmates the double-wall pipe to a masonry chimney.  It serves as a thimble.  Its overall length is 12", and the part that inserts into the chimney is 8" long.  It is made of 430-alloy stainless.
  • The adjustable length acts as a slip connector, giving 3" to 9" of adjustment. 
  • Telescoping lengths are often the only length you'll need between the stove adaptor and the chimney.  NOTE: You will need a flue extension as a transition between an adjustable length or a telescoping length and the Security factory-built chimney.

*We will contact you after you order with the exact shipping cost to ship to your area. 
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6" Diameter

Item#       Price


 Pipe:6" length   

67105      $ 50.25 

 Pipe:12" length

67111      $ 54.00  

 Pipe:24" length

67115      $ 92.00 

 Pipe:36" length

67121     $ 116.50  

 Pipe:Adjustable length, 3" - 9"

67125      $ 62.00  

 Pipe:Telescoping length, 42" - 66"

67131      $ 201.25  


67155      $ 77.75  


67160      $ 44.00  

 Decorative collar

67134      $ 21.00  

 Elbow: 45 degrees sectioned, nonadj

67145      $ 68.25 

 Elbow: 90 degrees sectioned, nonadj

67150      $ 99.25  

 Flue extension

67694      $ 33.50 

 Tee: with cover

67135      $ 110.50  

 Trim collar

67133      $ 22.25 

*We will contact you after you order with the exact shipping cost to ship to your area.  Click here for shipping disclaimer.