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Stovepipe Installation Essentials

Many optional stovepipe pieces can be found here; Like the HomeSaver Stovepipe Sheild, Mantel Shield, Barometric Damper, Cast-Iron Stovepipe Damper, UL Listed Heat-Fab Insulated Saf-T Thimble and Insul-Flue Insulated Thimble

There are also Insul-Plug and Self-Drilling Black Screws And Magnetic Chuck Driver.

Looking for a Increaser or Reducer You will find them by clicking here.

*We will contact you after you order with the exact shipping cost to ship to your area.  Click here for shipping disclaimer.


Draw Collar Draft Enhancer

ie ul ins thimbl.jpgie ul ins thimbl.jpg

The first fan-free draft inducer in the world. Picture on Right is for Draw Collar for Insert.

This amazingly simple device that will change how you look at draft problems. The Draw Collar is easy to install, silent and inexpensive to operate. Most importantly, it will keep homes smoke free. Simply plug it in, and in the time it takes to gather wood for the fire, the flue is hot and drawing heat up the chimney. The Draw Collar pre-heats the flue, creating draw that will not only make fire starting easier, but will also keep smoke going up and out the chimney and not into your home. 

• Designed for residential use on wood stoves and inserts
• Uses 500 watts (4.1 amps) to generate more than 500°
• Completely silent because there’s no fan
• Insures all smoke exhausts out, with no chance for reverse draft
• Less creosote build up in the flue


Item No.     Price

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 6" Draw Collar for Insert  

103339        $ 363.50 

 6" Draw Collar for
Wood Stove

103340        $ 405.00 
Timer for Draw Collar  103341        $ 32.50


Homesaver Stovepipe Shield

ie sheilds.jpgThe use of this handy HomeSaver Stovepipe Shield allows you to reduce required single-wall stovepipe clearances from 18" to 6".  The stovepipe shield attaches to the pipe with the ceramic spacers and screws provided.  This often eliminates the need to attach a cumbersome shield directly to combustible surfaces nearby. 

The 24-ga. black stovepipe shield is half-round in shape and 35" long.  One size fits pipe diameters from 5" - 8". 

Note: This product is recommended for vertical installations only.


Item No.     Price

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 Homesaver Stovepipe Shield, 35" long
(vertical installations only)  

54120       $ 49.50 


HomeSaver Heat Shield Spacers with Screws & Anchors

ie ht sd screws.jpgThese useful ceramic spacers are 1" long and 9/16" diameter.  They are sold in packs with 30 spacers, 30- 2 1/2" long #10 screws, as well as 30 plastic anchors.  They come in a nice display package that is sturdy. 

Use these spacers when mounting heat shields.


Item No.     Price

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 HomeSaver Heat Shield Spacers with screws & anchors, pack of 30   

54230        $ 22.50 


HomeSaver Mantel Shield

ie mantelshd dia.jpg

ie mantelshd.jpgThis 24-ga. black HomeSaver Mantel Shield attaches to the mantel and allows a clearance reduction from 18" to 9" for stovepipe and from 36" to 18" from the top of an unlisted stove, per NFPA 211 requirement. 

It is 47" wide, has a depth or "face" of 10", and the angled lip is 2 3/4" wide.  It can be cut to size and comes predrilled and ready to mount.  All necessary ceramic spacers, hardware and instructions are included.  (For listed stoves, consult stove manual or manufacturer.)


Item No.     Price

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 HomeSaver Mantel Shield 

54110        $ 51.75 


UL Listed Heat-Fab Insulated Saf-T Thimble

ie hf saf thmbl.jpgThe UL Listed Saf-T Thimble allows single-wall stovepipe to pass through a combustible wall.  It attaches to the chimney therefore avoiding a dangerous breach should the chimney settle and start to pull away from the house.

The Saf-T Thimble features a solid-pack insulation that telescopes inward toward the wall, allowing for easy adjustment for wall thicknesses of 4" - 8 1/2".  

Choose from 6" or 8" models.  Both need a 16" wide by 17" high opening for installation.  Instructions are included.  


Item No.     Price

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 Model 3006 for
5" and 6" diameter stovepipe  

21480        $ 270.50 

 Model 3008 for
7" and 8" diameter stovepipe

21485        $ 272.50 


UL Listed Insul-Flue Insulated Thimble

ie ul ins thimbl.jpgUse this thimble when you need to pass through a combustible wall and into a masonry chimney.  This unit is sold in two parts, the thimble cover assembly and the thimble itself. 

You need one thimble cover assembly per installation.  The thimble cover assembly protrudes 13" into the room.  The number of thimbles you need depends on the thickness of the combustible wall.  The 8" long thimble is designed to pass through a wall with maximum thickness of 7".  You can add an additional 8" by cementing two thimbles together with Rutland Stove and Gasket Cement so you can pass through walls clear up to 15" thick.  Or you can cut the thimble down with a hacksaw for thinner walls. 

The Insul-Flue Thimble requires a 15" or 17" square opening for use with 6" diameter or 8" diameter pipe, respectively.  the thimble cover assembly plate is 17" X 17" for the 6" thimble, and 19" X 19" for the 8" thimble.  Complete instructions accompany each unit.

Note: When ordering make sure to order both the thimble and the thimble cover assembly for a complete installation.


Item No.     Price

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 6" Insul-Flue cover
assembly only  

34000        $ 183.00 

 6" Thimble only

34025        $ 131.25 
8" Insul-Flue cover
assembly only
34050        $ 219.00
 8" Thimble only 34075        $ 144.00 
 6" SCV Wall Unit 104494        $ 212.50 
 7" Thimble for SDV Wall Unit 104495        $ 185.50 


Galvanized Thimble

ie insl plg.jpg


Item No.     Price

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 6" diameter X 12" long

31460         $ 9.50 

 8" diameter X 12" long 

31480         $ 9.75



ie insl plg.jpgThe insul-plug blocks old, unused thimble holes in masonry chimneys.  It provides a thermal break from combustives and prevents downdrafts from entering the room.  the insul-plug is constructed of a ceramic based fireproof insulating material. 

It's available in 6" and 8" diameters.

The Black outside plate covers up to a 10"diameter hole.  Simply insert it in the old thimble opening and tighten the expansion screw on the face of the insul-plug.  The sides expand and create a tight fit inside the thimble opening.  Easy! 

The 6" adjusts from 5 3/4" to 6 1/8".  The 8" adjusts from 7 3/4" to 8 1/8".  It can be removed by reversing the process. 


Item No.     Price

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 6" diameter   

34200        $ 130.50 

 8" diameter 

34250        $ 137.00 


Cast-Iron Stovepipe Damper

ie ci dampr.jpgEven on airtight stoves many people desire "old fashioned" cast-iron stovepipe dampers which are located in the flue pipe. 

These have one-piece spring handles for convenient adjusting.


Item No.     Price

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 5" diameter 

31310       $  9.75 

 6" diameter

31320       $ 12.50 

 7" diameter 

31330       $ 11.25

 8" diameter

31340       $ 16.50 


Barometric Damper

ie barodamp.jpgBarometric dampers stabilize flue draft by drawing "room air" into the flue.  Why do this?  Too much draft causes erratic burning and wasted fuel. 

A stable draft provides stable heat and efficient fuel consumption.  It operates automatically. A flap swings open wider as draft increases, thereby letting in more air.  And as draft reduces, the flap closes to reduce air. 

Our high-quality model is packed individually, each with its own tee included. 

Our barometric damper is available in 5" and 6" and 8" diameters.  The 5" and 6" dampers are 24-gauge; and the 8" damper is 20-guage.


Item No.     Price

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 5" diameter, 24-ga. 

32110     $  104.25 

 6" diameter, 24-ga.

32120     $  106.00

 8" diameter, 20-ga.

32140     $ 167.00 


Self-Drilling Black Screws and Magnetic Chuck Driver

ie chck scrws.jpgPop them in the magnetic chuck driver and your variable-speed drill and away you go - no pilot holes, no wasted time. 

These are actual drill-bit-tipped black screws. 

The screws are black anodized steel- 1/2", #8.  They have a combination slot/hex-drive head.  Sold in packs of 500. 

The magnetic chuck driver fits a standard 1/4" for #8 screws.


Item No.     Price

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 #8, 1/2" self-drilling black screws, pack of 500

55300      $ 19.50 

 1/4" magnetic chuck driver for #8 screws

288302      $ 6.00 

*We will contact you after you order with the exact shipping cost to ship to your area.  Click here for shipping disclaimer.