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DSP Double-Wall Black Stovepipe (Superpipe)

  spdw group.jpgHere's a double-wall pipe to use with SuperPro chimney when you need to reduce clearances to combustibles. 

Now known as DSP Double-Wall Black Stovepipe by Selkirk (Formerly Superpipe).

Superpipe has a limited lifetime warranty.  It is a 26-ga. black steel outer pipe with a .015", 430-alloy stainless inner liner.  This double-wall construction is cooler on the outside and thus lets you reduce both wall and ceiling clearances down to 6".  Available in 6" and 8" diameters.  

All 7" diameter is being discontinued, check for availability.

The Damper Kit (>lower front left in picture) is installed right above the stove adaptor.  Used on older stoves without adequate air controls, it displaces 4 1/2" of pipe.

The Elbows (>in picture above) are available 45 degrees and 90 degree sectioned and are nonadjustable.  Diameters vary from 6" to 8".

There are two telescoping lengths available.  The small length (>pictured upper right) adjusts from 12" to 18". The longer lengths adjusts from 38" to 68".  Both lengths include a Finishing Trim Collar.

*We will contact you after you order with the exact shipping cost to ship to your area. 
Click here for shipping disclaimer.


6" Diameter

Item#       Price

 7" Diameter


8" Diameter

Item#       Price

 Pipe:6" length   

77305      $ 28.50 

Not Available  77505      $ 42.75 

 Pipe:12" length 77310      $ 42.75 
Not Available  77510      $ 57.00  
 Pipe:24" length 77315      $ 71.75 
Not Available  77515      $ 89.00
 Pipe:36" length 77320      $ 84.25 
Not Available  77520      $ 103.25 
 Pipe: telescoping, 12"-18" 77325      $ 59.50 
Not Available  77525      $ 70.00 
 Pipe: telescoping, 38"-68" 77330    $ 168.25 
Not Available  77530    $ 205.00 
 Damper kit 77340      $ 53.50 
Not Available  77540      $ 78.25 
 Elbow:45 degrees sectioned, nonadjustable 77345      $ 51.00 
Not Available  77545      $ 71.25 
  Elbow:90 degrees sectioned, nonadjustable 77350      $ 72.00  
Not Available  77550      $ 97.25  
 Chimney Pipe Adaptor,
Compatible ONLY with MetalBest/Ultra-Temp
77902      $ 40.25 
Not Available  77943      $ 47.75 
 Tee: with cover 77335      $ 63.00 
Not Available  77535      $ 95.00 


Scroll down to view our Masonry Adaptor, Finish Band, Black Stovepipe Adaptor, Reducer and Increaser and Stove Adaptor needed to complete some applications.

Also available is special adaptor for MetalBest / Ultra-Temp...see below.


Masonry Adaptor

spdwmasnryadp.jpgThe Superpipe Masonry Adaptor mates Superpipe Double-Wall Stovepipe directly to a masonry chimney.  When Superpipe is terminated into a masonry flue and you need a thimble, this is the piece to use.

Its overall length is 11 3/4" - the part that actually inserts through the masonry chimney is 9" long.  Compatible only with Superpipe Double-Wall Black Stovepipe.

6" Diameter

Item#       Price

 8" Diameter

Item#        Price

77355      $ 41.50 
77555     $ 53.50 


Finishing Band

spdwfinisband.jpgThis Finishing Band conceals the joints and provides a finished look. 

When installing Superpipe, the joints appear to be going the wrong direction with a "male-end-up" connection.  This is correct for the outer wall.  The inner wall is opposite and provides a "male-end-down" connection.  Use this to conceal the joint.

6" Diameter

Item#       Price

 8" Diameter

Item#       Price

77375      $ 14.00 

77375      $ 14.00 


Black Stovepipe Adaptor

spdwbstopipadp.jpgWhen you're mating Superpipe to SuperPro Class-A Chimney, the Black Stovepipe Adaptor twist-locks directly to the bottom section of SuperPro.  The male end of the adaptor slips into the inner wall of the Superpipe. 

 A  Finishing Band is needed to complete this joint.  (As an option, the Finishing Band can be used on other Superpipe joints for a more finished look). 

This black stovepipe adaptor is compatible only with SuperPro Class-A Chimney Systems.

6" Diameter

Item#       Price

 8" Diameter

Item#       Price

77690      $ 26.75 
77890     $ 61.00 



Stove Adaptor

spdwsstvadp.jpgUsed to connect Superpipe to the stove, this Stove Adaptor's inner wall fits into the collar on the top of the stove, and the outside fits over the outside wall of the stove collar. 

The airspace between the inner and outer wall of the adaptor is 1/2" (not 1/4" as in the double-wall pipe itself) to allow some variation in stove collar size. 

The installed Stove Adaptor displaces 4 1/4" of pipe.

6" Diameter

Item#       Price

 8" Diameter

Item#       Price

77360      $ 32.25 

77560     $ 45.25


Stove Pipe Adaptor for MetalBest Only

• double or single wall connector
• compatible only with MetalBest / Ultra-Temp

6" Diameter

Item#       Price

 8" Diameter

Item#       Price

77902      $ 40.25 
77943      $ 47.75 


Reducer and Increaser

spdwredrincr.jpgThe Reducer is pictured on the right and the Increaser is on the left - that's easy. 

So let's use this space to talk about the way Superpipe joins together.  As a professional installer, we are use to seeing stovepipe joined with the crimp (male end) down.  With Superpipe the same holds true, only it's the inner liner that joins in "male-end-down" fashion.  The outer liner joins in "male-end-up" fashion.  We are impressed at how easily Superpipe joins together, and we're sure you will be, too.


Item No.     Price

Add to Cart

 Increaser: 6" - 8", inside crimp (male end) on 6"   

77370      $ 79.50 

 Reducer: 8" - 6", inside crimp (male end) on 8"

77570      $ 79.50 

*We will contact you after you order with the exact shipping cost to ship to your area.  Click here for shipping disclaimer.

All 7" diameter is being discontinued, check for availability.

For Stovepipe Installation Item such as Stovepipe & Mantel Shields, Self-drilling Screws, Magnetic Chuck Drivers and Heatsheild Spacers & Anchors see our Installations Extras.