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Ventinox VHF HiFlex 321-Alloy Stainless
Oval Relining Pipe

HiFlex Oval Lengths

hiflex ovaltornd.jpg hiflex oval lengths.jpgWe offer 8" and 10" round HiFlex in 57" lengths that have been ovalized.  When the 8" is ovalized it measures 4" x 10 1/2" O.D. (giving a 6" round capacity), and when the 10" is ovalized, it measures 4" x 13 7/8" O.D. (giving an 8" round capacity).  These oval lengths are made specifically for us at the factory, giving consistent, smooth rounded sides. Click here for HiFlex Components    VENTINOX CHIMNEY LINER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS


 Item #            Price


8" OVALIZED (6" capacity) LINER: 57" length

18806       $  203.75 

10" OVALIZED (8" capacity) LINER: 57" length

18808       $  252.75 

We will also custom ovalize round HiFlex, VFT, and VG Liners to your specifications.  But please understand that custom ovalizing does not produce sides with quite the same nice, round radius.

See Custom Ovalizing Chart below.


HiFlex Oval-To-Round Lengths

hiflex ovaltornd.jpgThese Oval-to-Round lengths can be convenient in certain situation.  However, since ovalizing always reduces the cross-sectional area, be sure you don't use it to downsize your liner to less than the size of the flue collar on the appliance.  That would violate NFPA 211.

These 57" long oval-to-round lengths are fully ovalized except for the final 1" which has been left round.  We offer three oval-to-round sizes.  Check the price list below for details and oval-to-round equivalents.  Remember, don't downsize!


 Item #            Price


4" x 7.7" OVAL LINER to 6" ROUND (5" capacity):     57" length

18814       $  167.50 

4" x 10.5" OVAL LINER to 8" ROUND (6" capacity):     57" length

18816       $  175.50 

4" x 13.8" OVAL LINER to 10" ROUND (8" capacity):     57" length

18818       $  253.00


HiFlex Oval Tee with Tee Cover

hiflex ovalt cover.jpgThe HiFlex oval tees are designed to accept 8" or 10" round HiFlex that has been ovalized to 4" in width.  They come with a non removable 6" round or 8" round takeoff, respectively.  The oval tee is 321-alloy stainless.  Please note tat the oval tee cover comes with the oval tee.


 Item #            Price


OVAL TEE: 8" ovalized with cover, 304-alloy, with 6" round take-off

18848       $  89.75 

OVAL TEE: 10" ovalized with cover, 304-alloy, with 8" round take-off

18856       $ 119.75


HiFlex Oval-To-Round Adaptor

hiflex ovaltornd adpt.jpgWe offer three oval-to-round adaptors for the two HiFlex oval length sizes.  The adaptor features an oval, male end. And it round, female and accepts either 6" or 8" round HiFlex.  Check 8" round HiFlex.  Check the price list for size details.  NOTE: This adaptor is not compatible with other brands of liner.


 Item #            Price


ADAPTOR: 8" ovalized to 6" round, 304-alloy

18824       $  120.75 

ADAPTOR: 8" ovalized to 8" round, 304-alloy

18826       $  126.00 

ADAPTOR: 10" ovalized to 8" round, 304-alloy

18828       $  131.00 


HiFlex Oval Coupler

hiflex coupler.jpgUse this oval coupler when joining two HiFlex oval lengths.  It is available for the one standard HiFlex oval length sizes we carry - 10" ovalized (4" x 13 7/8" O.D.)

Note:  The FasClamp Fastening System is not available on oval components.


 Item #            Price


COUPLER: Oval-to-Oval, 10" ovalized, 304-alloy

18838       $  56.50 


Ventinox Oval Adjustable Insert Boot

Img1236.jpgThis oval adjustable insert boot is a two-part boot designed for inserts with rectangular flue openings.  The top "oval part " bolts on and off from the bottom base.  Must be attached with screws or nuts and bolts.  Installed one way, it gives you a 30 degree angle with 5 1/4" of height.  Installed the other way, it vents nearly straight up with 4 1/2" of height.  Its inside base dimensions are 5 1/4" x 16 1/2".  Its outside base dimensions are 7" x 19".  It's available in two sizes - fitting either 8" oval (4" x 10 1/2" O.D. with 6" capacity) or 10" oval (4" x 13 7/8" O.D. with 8" capacity) HiFlex.


 Item #            Price


Oval adjustable insert boot: 8" ovalized   (6" round equivalent)

18934       $  153.75 

Oval adjustable insert boot: 10" ovalized   (8" round equivalent)

18938       $  153.75 


Ventinox Oval Insert Boot

ventinox oval inst boot.jpgThis oval, one-piece boot adapts an insert with a 6" round outlet to the 8" ovalized HiFlex.  This 4" x 10 1/2" outside dimension oval HiFlex starts out as an 8" round liner.  Since ovalizing reduces the capacity, you end up with a liner that has the cpacity to vent a 6" stove.  This boot, which is designed to accommodate 8" Ventinox Oval Liner, has a 30 degree angle.  Attaches with screws or nuts and bolts. Seal it with Furnace cement, Flue Goo, or Flat Fiberglass Stove Gasket. 

Boot is 5" high, with an inside dimension of 9 1/4" x 11 1/2" and outside dimension of 11 1/4" x 13 3/4".


 Item #            Price


Oval insert boot: 8" ovalized   (6" round equivalent)

18920       $  150.25 


Ventinox Connector Sealing Kit

ventinox cont seal kit.jpgHere's how to block off the damper frame area when you're making a connection from a stove or insert to only the first flue tile area of a chimney.

This easy-to-use Connector Sealing Kit allows installation from below the damp frame.  It includes an insulation "gasket" and two precut galvanized sheet metal sections that adjust to fit snuggly around your length of HiFlex 321 oval relining pipe.  All necessary hardware, instructions and crossbars to suspend the metal sections from the damper frame are included.


 Item #            Price


Connector Sealing Kit

 18910       $  120.50


Custom Ovalized Ventinox HiFlex, VFT 316, And VG Gas Liners

  1. We will ovalize Ventinox VHF HiFlex, VFT 316, And VG Gas Liners to specific widths in 1/2" increments.  Please refer to the chart below to determine availability and cross-sectional area.
  2. Use the chart to find the oval minor and major dimension that will fit into the flue, which meets (or is more than) the cross-sectional area requirement of the appliance.
  3. To order custom ovalized liner, first choose the total footage of the desired liner.  Then order product #18700.  The order taker will then ask the minor dimension of the ovalized pipe and the number of feet you want ovalized.
  4. The cost of custom ovalizing is $2.25 per foot, plus the regular cost of the round liner.
  5. Please note that custom ovalizing does not produce a perfectly even oval shape, as does the factory-made oval.  Oval liner may have a slight crease at the ends. This in no way affects its performance.  If appearance is important to you however, you may want to make a choice other than oval.
  6. All custom ovalized Ventinox lengths over 8' must ship via freight line.
  7. As with all cut-to-length pieces of Ventinox, custom ovalized lengths are NONREFUNDABLE, so please order carefully.


 Item #          Price


Ovalizing Charge for Ventinox Liners per foot

 18700       $  2.25


ovalizing custom chart.jpg

HOW TO USE THE CHART ABOVE - AN EXAMPLE:  When 6" round Ventinox liner is ovalized so that its minor (small) dimension is 4", then its major (large) dimension will be 7.7" (or slightly larger) and its cross-sectioned area will be 24 sq. in.

ORDERING NOTE:  Custom ovalizing does not produce a perfectly even oval shape.  The major dimension may be slightly larger than indicated on the above chart.  Please allow for variances when ordering.

PRODUCT NOTE:  Avoid downsizing your liner system - always keep the cross sectional area of ovalized liner the same, or larger, than the cross-sectioned area of the appliance outlet.  In other words, the cross-sectioned area of your ovalized liner (from the table above) should always be equal to or greater than the cross-sectional area of the round pipe that fits the appliance outlet (from table below).


ventinox pipe cross sectional.jpg

hiflex ovaltornd.jpg