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Propane Conversion Kit for 4 cyclinder

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4 Cylinder Propane Conversion Kit

Propane 4 cyclinder Conversion Kit

4 CYC Propane Conversion

Our kits fulfill rigorous standards regarding fuel dosage and performance. Our design control algorithms of propane injectors are based on control impulses for fuel injectors where real time corrections are calculated for every injector separately. In effect, using OBD emulators and elaborate mapping of propane injectors, as it was in the case of older designs of controllers, is no longer necessary.

Engine 2

Advantages of our Propane conversion systems:

  • Supply of the propane-AIR mixture to the cylinders in the optimal phase of the engine cycle - corresponding with the cycle used by the injection of gasoline
  • Simplicity in service, configuration and diagnostics of the system
  • Compatibility with OBD (on-board-diagnostics)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clear, simple, user friendly interface allowing for time efficient service.
  • Fully automatic operation including automated switching from propane to gasoline when the propane tank is empty
  • Eliminates Backfire and possible consequential damage of intake manifolds, air filters and housing or flow

Engine 2


1)     Gurtner Reducer  + its support

2)     LPG Solenoid

3)     Nozzle connection between the reducer and the Solenoid

4)     4x1  Injection Rail

5)     ECU VERSUS KIT (with Absolute Map-sensor module)

 6)     VERSUS ECU Installation KIT (part of ECU VERSUS KIT):

     a)     Switch + horn signal

     b)     Injection Rail temperature sensor

     c)     Reducer’s Temperature sensor

     d)     Sub-pressure T-fitting

     e)     Fuse + Fuse case

     f)      Battery + 12 V connectors – 2 Units

     g)     Female connectors – 8 Units

     h)     Male connectors – 2 Units

7)     Gaseous phase Filter 1-1 Outlet

8)     LPG Fuel Level gauge

9)     Sub-pressure nozzle to inlet manifold

10)   Injection Rail nozzle – 4 Units

11)   LPG Injection Rail outlet nozzle

12)   Versus ECU Interface

13)   Water Rubber Hose 16 mm. diameter – 1,5 meter

14)   LPG Rubber Hose 12 mm. diameter – 1 meter

15)   Sub-pressure Rubber Hose 4- 5 mm. diameter – 1,5 meter

16)   LPG Rubber Hose 5 mm. diameter – 1 meter

17)   Copper pipe support + fittings

18)   Metal clips

19)   Fastening/isolation elements

20)   “T-fitting” 16/16/16 mm connection – 2 Units

21)   Copper Tubing - 6 meters

Retail Price: $1999.95

Our Price: $1299.95

This kit is universal therefore the installer may or may not need to fabricate mounting brackets depending on the application. This kit is designed for any 4 cylinder fuel injected vehicle that does not have throttle body fuel injection. This kit was not designed for vehicles with throttle body fuel injection.

 This kit is safe to use in vehicles that have plastic intake manifolds. 

 Supports up to 355 Horse Power.