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2Kw Windmill Wind-Turbine Generator
Complete System

List Price: $ 3,888.95
Our Price: $ 3,499.95
Sale Price: $ 2,399.95

You Save $ 1,489.00



United States $ 100.00


Canada $ 200.00



3 Year Warranty $29.00

2Kw Windmill Wind-Turbine Generator-Complete System

2Kw Windmill Complete System


Description: CE certified PowerMax 2KW Wind Generator System made by ISO certified manufacturer. Qualified for tax credit.

The PowerMax system is one of the best wind generators on the market so far. The robust design and fine finish makes the product much better than the other systems you often see on the market. The cast aluminum shell reduces its weight to the lowest. The generator is so powerful and well engineered that you can easily light up a 60W bulb simply cranking it by hand.



Powerful: The nominal wind speed is only 20 mph which is significantly lower than most of the models on the market (typically from 26mph-28mph) . For the same wind speed, this system gives you much more power than the other systems. This is the result of a low torque and low wind speed design. The system was designed to start at 4.5 mph wind which is lower than class 3. Comparing with most systems on the market, this system gives you 28% more power on average. (Note: The rated wind speed is very important since the actual power you get depends on the rated wind speed. The lower the rated wind speed, the more power you will get.)

Caution: Unfortunately we found the other vendor overclaims their system's power, for example, a 2,000 W system is claimed as 3,000W system which actually only produces 2,000W at 22.4mph based on the manufacturer. While PowerMax+2KW system can produce 2,000 W at 20.0mph, their system produces 1790W only at the same wind speed.


Reliable: The system has 3 speed control mechanisms implemented. The electromagnetic brake, tail furling mechanism and manual shut down. The tail furling mechanism has been used for tens of years by the numerous wind mills all over the world and has been proved to be the most reliable and least maintenance way to control the speed so far. The charge controller is built with a large diversion load (dump load), which automatically kicks in when the batteries are fully charged. It's also easy to connect it to the outside load for heating purpose.

High Efficient: The firber glass wind blades in the system are manually made using aerodynamically designed moulds so it can provide top performance and quiet operation. Unlike machine made blades which are too thin to achieve aerodynamic performance, the manually made blades are hollow and conform to the airfoil easily. This means a better system performance.

This system is good for home and small business owners who wants to off set their electricity bill.


Items Included: Generator, blades, Hub and Nose Cone, tail and electricial cable, controller, installation manual.

Warranty: The generator and the parts offered in this list are covered by two year factory warranties. To help our valued customers to protect their investment, CMS provides low cost extended warranty coverage to choose from. Please use the options below to select the coverage you like.

Our system is custom built which is produced with better parts and design. You may see some systems on the market which look similar to ours but they are built with cheap parts and not reliable.

SKU PowerMax+2KW
Shipping Weight 180.00 lb
Power (W) 2000
Battery Voltage (VDC) 120 VDC
Inverter Output Voltage (VAC) 120 VAC 60HZ
Rotor Diameter (ft.) 10.5
Start Up Wind Speed (mph) 4.5
Nominal Wind Speed (mph) 20
Survival Wind Speed (mph) 78
Nominal RPM 400
Blade Material Fiber Glass
No. of Blades 3
Speed Control System 3 Mechanisms
Suggested Battery Bank Trojan J150 X 10